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Connect, enjoy, create collective energy, get practical mindfulness, and build your musicality!

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Sexual Self-Mastery

What does it mean to be a man in today's world? What does it take to be an incredible lover? Attracting amazing women into your life.

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Lessons from Military Mindfulness

In this guided meditation, Richard shares his military experience of the benefits of mindfulness training and its application for people in all walks of life. Mindfulnes can improve job performance, impulse control, trauma recovery, emotional awareness, decision-making, happiness and well-being.

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Collective Wisdom

What would it mean for men to fully own the Wisdom of the Tribe? What could the implication be for us individually? For our families and communities? For society as a whole?

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Tribal Leadership
Paul Henley

We are always engaged in a  dance of power when we interact with others, whether we know it or not. But how can we wield our power with greatest clarity, integrity and purpose?

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Tribal Groups

An integral part of Man Alive and of all Mens Wellbeing gatherings is the formation of small groups of around eight men into "Tribal Groups". These groups meet at least three times during the Gathering to sit in circle and share what is coming up for each man. By using well-established principles of non-judgemental witnessing, these circles become safe spaces for men to be open and confidently share what they need to say. Men often form strong and ongoing bonds in these groups.

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Healing Circle
John Moulang

Healing is an ongoing and eternal endeavour. “We don't have to be sick to get better.” Perhaps the greatest force in the Universe is that which I tell myself – and believe. Every condition, including perfect health, is driven by thought. To change my condition, I can find the thoughts that deplete me and change them to thoughts that enrich me. These depleting thoughts include core negative beliefs such as “I’m not good enough”, “I am useless”, “it’s all my fault” and the like. My physical, mental and spiritual health is also significantly impeded by shame in its multiple guises, as it lurks in the shadows of my psyche. In the Circle of loving, attentive presence, the opportunity to awaken and shift arises.

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Unlike previous Man Alive weekends, this year most sessions will run only one workshop that all men are invited to participate in.

(Program may be subject to change.)


FRIDAY 1 September
4.00PM	Registration starts 
6.30	Dinner (Committee introduce selves and Tribal leaders)
7.30	Opening Ceremony  -   Honour Heart Staff & Talking sticks;  Light the fire.
8.30	Tribal groups (when Opening Ceremony finished)

SATURDAY 2 September
 6.30AM	Learn the HAKA – Jim Karakatsanis	
 7.30	Breakfast
 8.30	Open Space World Café – Dave Newell
10.30	Morning tea
11.00	Tribal groups
12.30PM	Lunch
 1.30 	Transformation – Paul Henley, & Masculine Archetypes – Dave McDermott
 3.30	Tea break
 4.00	Heart Circle – Stephen Halsall
 6.30	Dinner
 7.30 	Fire / Drumming Circle – Jeremy Pragnall
SUNDAY 3 September
 6.30AM	Military Mindfulness – Richard Mogg	
 7.30 	Breakfast
 8.30	Healing Circle – John Moulang
10.30	Morning tea
11.00	Tribal groups
 1.00PM	Lunch and bump out
 2.00	Closing Ceremony 
 3.00	Farewell (Hugs and Goodbyes and back to Earth)