The wisdom of any tribe needs to be absorbed independently by each man. The tribe can point a man in a certain direction and hold space for him, but it’s up to the man himself to discover, understand and accept the tribe’s wisdom. In this way each man owns tribal wisdom because it arises in him.

Following on from our theme Facing the Fire in 2016, this year Man Alive was about Owning Tribal Wisdom.

But what is a men’s gathering?



Man Alive is an Open Ground men’s gathering by

Men's Wellbeing

Mens Wellbeing is focused on developing the wellbeing of men to foster healthy relationships, families & communities.
We are a not-for-profit community organisation and are not affiliated with any religious or political organisation.

We have been running men’s gatherings since 1995.


It's like finding my tribe
It's better than my birthday, Christmas or a holiday
and it reinforced that men need help and support (sometimes)
I make sure to maintain my relationship, my career, my car and my house. [this] is maintenance for my masculinity.